Review from Maplebooks blog

"The 13 Secret Cities is a fast-paced, intense and scary novel. You jump right into the action on the very first page when Clara, the protagonist, runs for her life during a violent riot in Chicago.
My favourite part, though, was Clara's struggle for identity. Her parents' Mexican background conflicts with the American culture she grew up in. For instance, she is officially an adult, being over 18. But her parents argue adulthood starts after the "third ritual" at... 26! In the folkloric beliefs of her parents, Clara can't distinguish the cultural and the weird. They talk about rituals, lucky charms and creatures in dreams; something Clara can't conciliate with her down to Earth activism.

I also loved how Aztec mythology slowly creeps in, swallowing Clara as if she was sinking in quicksand. The horror and the fantastic are well balanced, leaving you hungry for more details about the Aztec underworld and Clara's story."
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Amazon Review from Angela V.

"I actually FELT for Clara, her family, and for every other person that was remotely involved in the events at Millennium Park that day. While reading I could actually feel, smell, and taste the suffering that Clara went through that day in Chicago." Full review