Open invite for writers for the next #13SC Party

Our first #13SC release party in June at Secret Clubhouse in Brooklyn was a blast. We drank beer and cocktails, and I scared the pants off a few audience members during my reading of part 2 of The 13 Secret Cities.

We are already planning a second party in September (the weekend after Labor Day), and we would like to invite writers to read together with me at the next party! We are looking for:

Fiction writers. No specific genre required. This event is open to all kinds of artists.
Non-fiction writers. Essay, spoken word, and great storytellers welcome
Self-publishing professionals who would be willing to do a short Q&A on facets of self publishing.
The themes we're looking for at this event are: JOURNEYS and/or the color BLUE. Yep, if your story touches on either of these themes, we want you there. Your reading should be no longer than 10-12 minutes long.

If you're interested, please send an email to me @ (use the subject line #13SC readers)  or use our contact form.

Cesar Torres' debut novel, The 13 Secret Cities launched April 28 in the Kindle Store. In "13SC", Clara Montes, a college student in Chicago, survives a violent political riot in Millennium Park. To atone for the bloody events that transpire at the riot, Clara must travel to the mythical city of Mictlán, deep in the realm of the dead. AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON

The 13 Secret Cities: A novel by Cesar Torres